'Basking in Sunlight'  -work-in-progress'

'This mythical piece is one of my earlier projects - the background is a white cotton fabric - which I do not use anymore because controlling wrinkles is a thing for nightmares! I use a non-fusible heavy interfacing for all my project now  (Pellon 926) - It makes everything so much easier.  I created the mermaid first thinking that it would be the most difficult - but I learned that often the feature is so defined that it's pretty easy to create - the backgrounds are actually harder.  I now work both at the same time. 

The finished piece is 24" x 36".

I originally had her arm reaching upward with the intent of her holding a shell - but it made the project too tall. 

I created the mermaid separately from the background , then when both pieces were completed I combined them. A process I rarely do anymore.