'Trail of Leaves'  -work-in-progress'

''Trail of Leaves' - This project recreated a typical fall forest scene in the Pacific Northwest where fir trees, colorful maple trees, and ferns and foliage cover the forest floor.  I used about 5 different fabrics to create the tree and fern foliage and detail the ferns using thread painting (basically sewing in the details).  To create the big fir tree trunks I couldn't find fabric in deep enough brown, so I dyed a brown fabric using black dye to get the color dark enough. The tree trunks in the background are created using both narrow fabric strips as well as just stitching in the finer branches

The finished piece is 19" x 12" and was framed.

In this project I started by layering the 'base' fabrics. Note that the fir trees are quite a bit lighter than the finished project - these are before dyeing.  The subsequent pictures show the layer on the detail fabrics.  The photo to the left of this shows some of the detail 'thread painting'  (stitching in the details)